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[28 Mar 2009|10:12pm]

Brand new piece:


gouache + silver gelatin print
on tea stained paper

This piece is going to be included in "The Quantum Exhibition" at Definition Gallery in May. Keep an eye out in the May issue of Juxtapoz for a 2-page spread on the exhibition!

Larger version + shop goodies + COUPON!Collapse )

Thanks for the support! <3 Kelly McKernan
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New Piece... and Shop Update! [20 Mar 2009|11:22pm]

Hey everyone!

I've just completed a new piece for an upcoming show at Definition Gallery in May, and I thought I'd share. :]


Larger size and closeups...Collapse )

And... new additions to the shop:

[click on an image to be taken to it]

"Salute" and "Metacapsid"

Thanks for the support! <3 Kelly McKernan

[17 Feb 2009|04:56pm]

I just completed a new painting...

Preview detail:

Full image under cut!

DecompositionCollapse )

Also, "Delicacy" has been added to the shop, along with the other new prints I talked about in my last post (click on the image to be taken to my shop):

Thanks! <3
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[08 Feb 2009|02:12pm]

I just finished a new series of works for a show here in Atlanta, and I thought I'd share! Some of them are also available as prints at my store.

A snippet preview of the five pieces:

The full images under the cutCollapse )

Thanks! <3 More info is at my blog.

[30 Dec 2008|05:38pm]

This is the last day of the big sale at my shop. If you had your eye on something, now's the time to get it!

All prints are still only $25 and all of the artwork is very reasonably priced!

[17 Dec 2008|04:51pm]

Hey everyone, just a reminder about the sale I'm having at my shop. If you order today or tomorrow, orders will most likely (hopefully) arrive in time for Christmas!

Also, I've created a new blog over here for art-related things. I'm working on getting a RSS feed account here at livejournal (it has to be activated by a paid account, which I don't have).

I hope everyone's doing fabulous and thanks for the continued support!

I'm taking TWO commissions... [08 Dec 2008|01:45pm]

Okay everyone...

I'm on winter break between semesters with no job and on a really tight budget. BUT I have enough supplies from current tea stained papers and wood frames (both 6"x6") to make two more of these.

They'd be the same format as two recent pieces:

Give me something to do! I'm setting the prices for these at only $45. That's for an ORIGINAL piece of artwork. Today is the 8th. I will give anyone interested to contact me by the 15th (that's one week) to commission one of these. I say the 15th because that will give me enough time to create the artwork and have it in the mail before Christmas, if that's your thing. :)

PS, the sale is still going on at my shop!

I'm crazy for doing this, but... [30 Nov 2008|11:45pm]


Huge massive sale at my shop!. Everything is on sale. All prints are only $25, and all originals are 20-50% off!

So, here are the new additions:Collapse )

PLUS! The 30 Paintings Book has been reduced to $20!

The sale goes until January 1st, 2009. After that, new meat is pushing for room in the shop! Don't forget to check out the new work over at my site!
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Updated My Shop! [08 Nov 2008|09:15pm]

Hey everyone! I'm back from my hiatus and have added new pieces and a new print to the shop!

New additions:



If you order a piece or a print by November 29th and use the promotion code "toaster", you'll receive 5% off!

Also, if you buy an original piece, you'll receive a free print of your choice! This also ends November 29th.

Studying Abroad in Italy! [08 Sep 2008|08:51pm]

Hi everyone!

You've probably realized that the 30 Paintings project is over, but that doesn't mean I've stopped painting...

Until November, I will be in studying abroad in Italy, stationed mostly in Montepulciano, in Tuscany.

I've created a blog for detailing the trip, including the art that I make (I'm taking a drawing and a painting class): kelly_in_italy.

Hope everyone is doing well! And don't forget, the book is still selling!
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The project is over, but... [04 Aug 2008|08:18pm]

...there's a book!

I'm officially announcing:

A pre-ordering party for the 30 Paintings book!

[click on the image for more information and to buy the book]

The first 30 pre-orders of the 30 Paintings book includes 5 free postcard prints, which are signed and in a limited edition.

The prints are going to be the top five most successful and/or my favorite paintings. But it's a secret until you receive them!

The book itself measures 7"x7", is soft cover, and has 66 pages. To preview the first 15 pages of the book, click here. It includes the artist biography, information on the project, and all 30 paintings with extensive descriptions about the process, techniques, experiences, and lessons learned behind each piece.

The preordering marathon ends August 24th, 2008, and all orders will be shipped August 25th, 2008.

#30: "Viscous" [26 Jul 2008|02:23pm]

Last piece! This is gouache on 8"x8" maple wood.

I wasn't too sure if it's finished, but I think I'll leave it alone.
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#29: "A Dying Breed" [26 Jul 2008|02:00pm]

Watercolor and bleach on 7"x16" tea stained paper.

The sketch was better. Blah. But I still like this piece. It reminded me that I still love creating these ethereal, feminine pieces.
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#28: "Mildew with Fever" [25 Jul 2008|01:52pm]

This is #28! I actually finished the last three last night, but this is my favorite, so it's getting uploaded first...

Title inspired by my favorite Cocorosie song, "Bear Hides and Buffalos." I was listening to them while painting this and I feel that it fits the concept.

Watercolor + gouache + bleach on silver gelatin print on 14"x18" tea stained WC paper. *whew*

I'll scan the last two soon...

#27: "Passive Attraction" [24 Jul 2008|03:33pm]

Yay! My mini-series is completed... This is watercolor and gouache on 7.5"x10.5" watercolor paper.

I have to say, I really, really enjoyed making this and the previous two pieces. All were inspired by lyrics in songs (this one was inspired by a few Metric songs I've been obsessed with recently). I was going for a neo-art nouveau look. Not as mysterious or compelling as the rest of my 30 paintings project, but definitely stylish and fun to make.

#26: "Vespertine" [23 Jul 2008|04:13pm]

Watercolor and gouache on 9.5"x14" watercolor paper.

The last one, "Empty Rings Around the Sun" was so much fun to make, I decided to do another in its likeness. Count on one more like it coming... I'm playing with compliments. See if you can guess the next one's colors? Hehe.

Four left!
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Important Announcement!!! [22 Jul 2008|11:57pm]

Hey everyone!

My goal for the 30 paintings ends this Friday! I can't believe it's almost done! I am four paintings away (just finished #26 and I'll upload that tomorrow), but I'll have them finished!

Here's the important announcement:

I'm considering creating any or all of these things for the set of the 30 paintings:

-> A book. Softcover, not likely any larger than 8"x10", and won't be priced more than $30, though I'm still looking for printing possibilities to keep it priced low. The book would obviously include all 30 paintings, writeups about each piece, a statement about the project, and my bio. And maybe tutorials on my techniques.

-> A set of 30 postcards for each piece. I'm thinking this would be at $25 or less.

-> A set of postcards of the top 10 best/favorite paintings from the 30.

I really need feedback to gauge the amount of interest so please comment with your thoughts! If you have suggestions on where to print, please leave them! I'm leaning towards the book. I wouldn't be making much of a profit, but I'm really excited about the prospect of it being affordable and people owning it. But postcards could be fun too, and collectible.

I will also have a pre-ordering marathon with a nice discount. So based on responses, keep an ear out for an announcement for pre-ordering!

So, fire away! It's going to be an amazing feeling finishing up the set of 30. I'll also be posting a writeup on my thoughts on the project (it's really forced me to grow as an artist and it's been an incredible experience!).
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#25: "Empty Rings Around the Sun" [18 Jul 2008|08:44pm]

Watercolor and gouache, with a special thanks to maskoid. 12"x15" on WC paper.

Title taken from a Neutral Milk Hotel song, "Holland, 1945." The lyrics really strike great images in my head, especially the first stanza:

The only girl I've ever loved
Was born with roses in her eyes
But then they buried her alive
One evening 1945
With just her sister at her side
And only weeks before the guns
All came and rained on everyone
Now she's a little boy in Spain
Playing pianos filled with flames
On empty rings around the sun
All sing to say my dream has come

I imagine this girl to be the one in the song, although I used myself as a reference for the pose. :)

Updated the shop again! [13 Jul 2008|02:06am]

Original Pieces Now Available:

And, the previously available prints are now offered in more sizes!

Yay! Support an artist! Especially because I had massive car troubles earlier this week... :(
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#24: (dis)Illusioned [11 Jul 2008|01:41pm]

This is gouache and bleach on 12.5"x20" tea stained paper.

For this one, I have to admit my inspiration and my idea behind it (only to a degree)...

Earlier this week I saw a film called "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" and was very inspired by some of the imagery in the film and the life and transformation of the photographer Diane Arbus. Two things in that movie really stood out to me: when her mother covers her eyes during her "fantasy" moment and the white rabbit in Lionel's apartment, and how the two come together, so to speak, to direct Diane's transformation from a locked up and bound housewife to an explorative and brave woman.

Anyhow, you don't need to have seen the film to pick up on the meaning behind this piece. It's a little autobiographical in nature for me as well.
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